No more headache


No need anymore to buy overpriced and dedicated tools


No need to move à bricked vehicle


No need to hire permanently a pricey expert

Our automotive technology specialists can work on-site to assess and address your needs, on demand and at your convenience

They will fix any vehicle electronic or electrical system failure ; car computers repairing, upgrading or improving ; key programming or chip tuning, at your workshop.
Electronic or electrical problems? Any car can be running smoothly again!

DPF filter removal, EGR valve delete, intake manifold flaps removal and etc.

Chip tuning

Airbag, ABS, engine, automatic transmission computer repair

Instrument cluster

Computer diagnostic, troubleshooting

Programming work in cars

Immobilizer system removal / repair / bypass

Car key programming

Key less entry / remote start modules, rear view cameras, parking sensors

Installation of GPS tracking systems

Diesel high pressure pumps, turbo chargers

Rebuilt of diesel injectors

Some of the brand we are daily dealing with

your brand is not on the list? contact us!
MPC Alfa Romeo Volvo Toyota Audi BMW Skoda Porsche Peugeot Lexus Opel Nissan Mazda Land Rover Lancia Kia Subaru Saab Renault Jeep Iveco Isuzu Hyundai Honda Ford Mini Mitsubishi Lincoln Fiat DS Dodge Citroen Chrysler Chevrolet Cadillac VW Mercedes

Are you in the car business in Iceland?

Workshop, rental, re-seller : did you know that is possible to save or make money out of your automotive electronic works ?

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